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MoveIT is a new Interval Training workout that safely challenges physical endurance, strength & cardiovascular fitness.
Shake things up with this sweaty & invigorating fitness class!

Joy of Dance Wednesdays at 9:30am

Move IT Interval Training

What is MoveIT?

Move IT is interval training delivered the body’s way!

Move IT is a revolutionary approach to whole body fitness integrating the best of exercise science, modern interval training and somatic movement through Nia’s Move It Logosensory-based approach to fitness. The 60-minute class promises to bring conditioning to every body part and muscle group.

Move IT classes are distinguished by somatic coaching with 60-second sequential intervals that isolate and integrate Nia movements. Each class delivers four types of conditionig: aerobic, anaerobic, reflexive, and voluntary.


Benefits of Move IT

  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Deepened awareness of your body’s anatomy
  • Whole body strength, physical dexterity, muscle tone
  • Improve range of motion in all joints of the body
  • Skill to consciously direct your movement practice toward your fitness goals

Read about WHY I’m so keen to teach MoveIT classes here!

Lorella loves Move IT!

Lorella loves Move IT! from jennifer hicks on Vimeo.


Get a taste of a MoveIT class here:


Here’s a full MoveIT class!

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