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Michael Franti & Spearhead

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

Attending the Michael Franti & Spearhead concert was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my summer so far!

Throughout the concert there were so many times that I held my heart – the lyrics, the love, the peacefulness, joy, respect and audience engagement made it such a precious experience. I COULD NOT STOP DANCING AND I COULD NOT STOP SMILING!

At one point I turned to Lorella (who got to dance on stage with Michael!) and said, “If I had to die right now, that would be ok.”

What a deeply fulfilling and supremely satisfying experience!

Michael sang some songs from his new album Soulrocker. One that caught my attention was called “We are all earthlings“.

These lyrics blew me away:

And I love this life we live
And I love to give this feeling away

When I heard these lyrics, I had a visceral reaction as they sum up the PURE JOY I experience when teaching Nia.

Below is a fun video of our time at the concert.

Michael Franti July 1, 2016 from jennifer hicks on Vimeo.

Gord Downie: A True Passionista

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016

I’m not a music groupie.

I’ve always “liked” a wide range of musicians without solely devoting my interest to any one genre or artist.

If you’ve been to my Nia classes, you know I can rock out to all kinds of music. I feel so much soul in a musician’s offering.
And yet…this is different.

When I was in grad school, I connected with the Tragically Hip.
Deeply. Honestly.
In a way I’d never known. Ever.

In particular, Gord Downie.

Today we learned he has brain cancer.
Incurable. Terminal.
I cried and *felt* what I don’t often feel.
(Or let myself feel).

Why? I don’t know the man.
Why would grief come into my reaction to today’s news?

Gord’s relationship to lyrics and performance is so energizing to me.
He is passionate and passion really turns me on.
With a wide smile and a flutter of excitement, I have watched him perform live several times.
I remember one concert at Massey Hall where he played with his handkerchief;
kicking it up with his feet, picking it up between two legs,
throwing it into the audience.
I caught faint giggles when he thought of something new he could do with it.

In his dancing, I see authenticity – a true “dance” with his music.
I see a body that moves with and through his music with a freedom to express wholeheartedly.

His playfulness is real. Undeniable.

He exudes presence, joy and mastery of his chosen path.
And his deep spirit has a connection with mine.

I think I have gotten to know myself a *tiny* bit better through those profound lyrics and his passion.
And, frankly, grieving with a community is so much easier than taking on the task on my own…

May your journey be light and full of love from here on out, Gord.