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Exercise Addiction – My Story in the Toronto Star & On Talk 1010 Radio

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

I’m not shy about my past. After coming out the other side of a major mental health crisis I knew I needed to share my story. I speak openly quite often about my history of an exercise addiction and anorexia. I view the fact that I have bipolar disorder as one of my assets, not something that brings me down.

People say things like “you’re brave for sharing your story”. I disagree. The courageous part was surviving what I went through.

Why has it been so important for me to share? It’s because I CAN. I won’t perpetuate the shame and stigma of mental health issues that has long existed in my family and many others.


We all have a story. Telling mine helps me to feel that I’m making meaning and purpose out of the confusion I’ve been through. And I trust that elements of my experience will resonant with and inspire others (no matter what one’s life situation is).

This is why I was thrilled when I was contacted by Lauren Pelley of the Toronto Star to be interviewed for an article on Exercise Addiction. You can read that article here – or click on the images below.

You can also listen to an interview on NewsTalk 1010 that Barb DeGiulio did with me here or on the audio file below.






You can listen to my interview with Barb DiGiulio below. I’m not sure how to take being introduced with Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical” playing in the background… Luckily I do have a good sense of humour so am not offended by it. I did however do one *giant* eye roll upon hearing it while waiting for the interview to begin!


Look up (and out)!

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Recently, this conversation popped up on Twitter:

It’s true: looking up and out allows us to remain in alignment with our chest and pelvis (the Body’s Way is that head, chest and pelvis are stacked one upon another like building blocks).

When we are looking up (and not down at our feet), we are restoring alignment and balance to our bones, organs, ligaments, muscles, veins and arteries.

Looking up also keeps us both physically and energetically “open”. Physically, we are able to breathe with more depth and efficiency when we are not collapsing into our throat. We also avoid straining our optical muscles. Energetically, looking up has the effect of improving self confidence and self esteem, keeps us in the present moment and helps us stay in our bodies (vs. getting hijacked by our thoughts).

So look up – enjoy the view!