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Self-Healing: Visualization and Self Talk

Friday, February 3rd, 2017



This past week self healing has been on my mind. I have been living with this terrible flu/cold combo that’s been going around.

When I mentioned it on Twitter, my pal Larry spoke about “self talk” and “visualization”.
I was happily surprised and shared that I have been using visualization for as long as I can remember when it comes to being sick. I’ve been using it for self healing, well before I even had a name for it or understood it as a concept.

Self Healing

There’s a striking memory I have of being at my first (memory of a) home – 19** Victoria Park Ave. I was maybe 3 or 4 year old and in my room. The room with the pink-striped wallpaper splattered with giant (and frankly terrifying) Holly Hobby dolls.  (But that’s another story).  It was lights out and I was lying in bed waiting for sleep. My right arm, which I had cut in the playground earlier, began to throb. I knew what that meant. Instinctively, I knew that the pulsating, rhythmic beat was the sensation of healing. And I knew that if I concentrated I could amplify the healing.  And so I did. The throbbing increased, and I could *feel* healing happening.

No one taught me this. It just seemed obvious.

I vividly remember being in the bathtub at ** Santamonica Blvd, my 2nd home. The memory is so detailed that I can tell you that the bathtub was oriented in the east- west direction and I was facing east. I was probably 7 0r 8 years old. I had been sent home from school with lice. My mom must have been taking a break from combing out my hair, and I remember “speaking” to the little critters in my mind, telling them that we (my body and I) were ready to bid them adieu.

Reiki is part of Self Healing

Same, too, happened this past week. My immune system and I tag teamed and worked to restore health. It makes good sense that Reiki came into my life when it did as it gave me a way to harness life force energy as a healing tool.

Language and Self Healing

Something *REALLY* powerful I’ve learned about self healing from Nia is about the language I can use to move towards healing – I catch myself saying “I’m suffering from this terrible ache” when I could be saying “I’m healing from this terrible ache”.  Language matters, and I’ve learned the importance of giving positive, and healing, messages to my body.

What’s your experience with self healing?

Self Healing Through Nia

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Last week I hastily got on a bike that was too big for me. Stubbornly, I rode it as I was in a rush to get where I was going. Despite the fact that the bike was uncomfortable and awkward to ride, I convinced myself that it was ok. That was until after I got off the bike and realized my left knee was not happy about being put in a compromising position. With a crack that left me wincing, my kneecap seemed to pop out of place momentarily before resettling.

I’ve written previously about self healing and all that Nia has taught me on the subject.


Photo by-unsplash.comcalebekeroth


Knowing that I had done something to my knee, I knew where to focus my attention: my feet, ankles, and hips (the joints above and below where I’d injured) and of course, my knee.  I know that the direction of my feet and ankles and hips can directly affect the functioning of my knees. Yes, I know all of this, but am I continually practicing it?

Debbie Rosas, the co-founder of Nia, teaches that our body is purposefully designed and that our  movement should follow that design. That is, we need to respect The Body’s Way: understanding that our bodies are meant to move in some ways and not in others. Debbie also teaches about listening the “voices” of the body – that is paying attention the feedback that our body gives us to learn when something is off.

This blip of a knee injury has reminded me that in fact, I am not listening to the voices of my body, at least not all the time.  I felt discomfort on that bike, but I stubbornly pushed through.

The good news is that I know I can heal my body through Nia, so that’s what I set about to do. How?

By doing the 5 stages of Healing daily; being mindful of the placement and alignment of my feet, ankles, hips and knees (all facing in the same direction); listening to my knee and practicing Nia at level 1; by making statements to others about self-healing (e.g., saying “I am healing my knee” vs “I have injured my knee”; by “talking” to my knee, and by consulting a physiotherapist.

Looking for the “lesson” here, I also took a look at what Louse Hay had to say about how I might be able to self heal. She indicates that knee problems have to do with “Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.”

Hmmm. That certainly applies to my bike ride, and I wonder if there’s truth to that in other parts of my life…