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Dancing Through Life With Pleasure: Nia Student Stories

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Photo by Nia Technique

Photo by Nia Technique

Meet Sue: she has been attending weekend classes at Joy of Dance since 2012.  She is a very dedicated student of Nia and graciously responded to my invitation to share her Nia story. My experience with Nia has been about getting more into my body and so I am so inspired to know that Sue shares that!

Here is her story:

“The last couple of classes I noticed something weird. I saw my body doing rather complex patterns correctly without my even thinking about it. It was just falling into the music and doing what everyone else was doing – with it’s own touch of style. I just had to watch and enjoy. Wow! What fun!

I don’t even know for sure how I ended up in Jenn’s NIA class. I think it started when a therapist said I should get more into my body. Next thing I knew I was looking up NIA classes on the web and thinking, “Hmm, Joy of Dance, isn’t that near me?”

But the thing is, I don’t even remember how I heard of NIA in the first place. Must have been some kind of grace. Since then, NIA with Jenn has been an important anchor in my life. I always feel a un-anchored on weekends and can get a bit down if I don’t watch it – not doing enough fun things – spending too much time doing (or avoiding) chores, etc. NIA gets me up and out on weekends – having serious fun first thing in the morning.

Jenn picks great music – stuff I normally wouldn’t think of. I just knew she was going to grab the Pan Am song and choreograph it for us – and she did – it’s great! I just love the exuberance factor – inherent in NIA but channeled beautifully by Jenn and my classmates.  Even though I was never athletic I have always enjoyed movement and NIA kicks it up a notch – or several. And speaking of kicks – I love the mix of abrupt martial arts and more flowy dance forms and how the movements are constantly changing”.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your story and experiences with Nia!

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Dancing Through Life with Pleasure: Nia Student Stories

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

I’ve been enjoying dancing with Lee Weisser since I started teaching at The Healthy Joint this past summer. I knew she had a bit of a dance background, but I wanted to know more. I wanted to know where the beautiful smile and enthusiasm on the dance floor lived. Lately I’ve been really inspired when I watch how she connects to her body and lets the music move her. It is really, really satisfying for me as a teacher!

So last week I asked Lee if she would tell me her Nia story.  Here it is!

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Lee Weisser, M.Ed, ACC, Lee Weisser Communications

Jenn: How long have you been practicing Nia?

Lee: Since August 2014.

Jenn: Did you have any initial fears or reservations about trying Nia?  

Lee: No. I had heard about Nia for some time and was excited to try it. I did modern dance many years ago and had been searching for a way to enjoy the thrill of movement and get fit at the same time, without injuring myself.

Jenn: How do you describe Nia to others?

Lee: This is a challenge! Sometimes I just show them some moves…because it’s hard to describe.

Jenn: What motivates you to come to class? Why do you keep coming back?

Lee: I know I will feel positive and energized, both during the class and afterward. Jenn is an inspiring and enthusiastic instructor and makes all her classes both fun and uplifting. Jenn chooses music that promotes well-being and self-esteem.

Jenn: How does Nia make you feel?

Lee: Nia makes me feel connected to my body, to my soul, and to humanity in a very positive way.

Jenn: Has anything changed in you body or your life since you began practicing Nia?

Lee: Nia has increased my cardiovascular fitness and improves my mood during every class.

Jenn: Have you had any “aha” moments in class (moments that struck a chord with you or resonated deeply?)

Lee: There are some movements that I recall from my modern dance days that help me re-experience the exhilaration I felt in my youth. I appreciate being able to move my body freely, to use my mind to concentrate on routines, and I never hurt my body as a result of the classes. This is huge for me, since in the past I have often injured myself when trying to get fit.

Jenn: Anything else you’d like to share?

Lee: I always look forward to Nia classes – especially with Jenn! She is the best!


Thank you, Lee, for sharing your story and experiences with Nia!


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